H.R.F.A. Striper Derby

'Catch, Photo & Release' and/or 'Catch, Tag, Photo & Release'

Derby runs from 6am Saturday April 6th through 12pm Saturday April 27th . . .


What's a better conservation practice than catch & release? Catch, tag for science and then release; that's what. This is strictly a no-kill derby for striped bass only. No other species will be considered. Stripers must come only from the legal waters of the Hudson River. No Raritan Bay, East River, Hackensack River, Meadowlands or ocean caught entries (etc.) allowed. The derby is open to both boat and shore fisherman for the same entry fee. All stripers must be caught by rod & reel and released quickly back into the river to ensure best possible survival rates.

All participating anglers must enter the tournament 3 days before the start date of Saturday April 6, 2019. That means no entrants will be accepted after Wednesday April 3, 2019. Your own unique derby number will be emailed to you Friday April 5, 2019. To submit an entry your striper must be photographed with a legible ruler and your unique derby number clearly visible laying alongside it. Because all stripers caught will be released unharmed any size striper may be entered into the contest for consideration.

Photo entries may be sent via text message or email to:

* Joseph Albanese at (908) 456-2968 or

* Scott Havner at (845) 300-1562 or

To count towards the tag & release portion of the derby the photo must be taken after tagging the fish. Obviously, the photo of a tagged fish should also include a ruler & your unique derby number. This must be followed-up with a photo of the completed tagging postcard that must also be mailed to the American Littoral Society. All postcards must be received by the American Littoral Society prior to May 4th Award Ceremony. Tagging kits may be purchased from the HRFA (See Kevin Morgan ASAP.) or directly from the American Littoral Society. (See below.)

The Award Ceremony will be part of the HRFA’s annual Hooked on the Hudson event which will be held in the Palisades Interstate Park on May 4, 2019 at the Ross Dock Picnic Area, Fort Lee, NJ.


Yet to be finalized. Will be posted to HRFA website.


Derby participation is open to both HRFA members and non-members who have personal email accounts. Deep discount for HRFA members. Same discount for those who take this opportunity to join the HRFA. Annual membership still only $25. Tagging kits purchased separately. Registration opens March 1st. Stay tuned for details.

* Cost for HRFA members: $35

* Cost with new membership: $60 ($35 entry fee + $25 1-year annual membership)

* Cost for non-members: $75


Largest striper caught & released but not tagged (1st, 2nd and 3rd place) - cash prizes

Largest striper caught, tagged & then released (1st place only) - American Littoral Society 1-year membership, plus free field trip for angler and one guest

Most stripers caught, tagged & then released (1st place only) - American Littoral Society 1-year membership, plus free field trip for angler and one guest

If you have questions abut the event contact Joseph Albanese at (908)-456-2968; or Scott Havner at (845) 300-1562;

Get your tagging kits ASAP!

You must be a current member of the American Littoral Society to receive tagging supplies from them. ‚Äč If you want to learn more about membership in the Society and their all-volunteer fish tagging program which generates invaluable data for scientists and/or order tagging kits directly from them just click here.

In case you didn't know the HRFA is a member of the American Littoral Society. So, if your HRFA dues are paid-up-to-date tagging kits can be purchased from Kevin Morgan at any monthly meeting.